Tips making braces SOO much easier to have!

Hi everyone!

The Legally Brunette is back, and here to make possibly the thing I despise the MOST in the world, braces, slightly easier to get along with! I am about to have my six-month anniversary with my braces, and only have one year left until the break-up of the century (a.k.a. getting my braces off)! This post features three life-saving tips to help you survive your excruciating elastics, bewildering brackets, and worst of all, your wretched wires! Alliteration aside, as much fun as it was to browse, I hope you find this post helpful! Let me know in the comments section below how you feel about your braces, and share any tips you have that make them easier for you! Let the post begin…

  1. Create an on-the-go kit for all of your braces necessities!: 

    Having something that can fit in any bag, around any stuffed binder, any exploding thermos, or melting lip balm is very important! This super quick and easy to-go bag is filled with all the necessities of what I need for my braces, but can be filled with things that are specific to you. I put in the basics for any situation having to do with my braces! I included mouth wash, toothpaste, hand sanitizer, deodorant (just in case you forget!), Q-tips, elastics, floss, and mini brushes to remove any food stuck under your wires. This is super helpful to bring when you’re at a friend’s house, at school, a restaurant, pretty much anywhere that most likely don’t come with braces supply kits at the ready. Having a to-go saves you from that mini heart attack you get when you have something your teeth on the day of all days!                                                  

    01237310f811e6d560279f84172edf58c84e735f6a2. Create a schedule!:                       Guys, I mean, COME ON. That heart I created out of string?!?! Can I even begin to tell you how many pieces of tape that took to keep down? Anywaysif you’re anything like me, counting down the days until my next tightening, a schedule is perfect for you! For me, I don’t dread my orthodontist appointments, only because I know that once it’s over, it’s just that much closer until I get them off! I keep it on my desk, to remember when and where I am going. Also, if I’m making plans and I COMPLETELY forget that I had an orthodontist appointment that day, (which happens more often than not) it is so much easier to work your schedule around things you already know are happening than writing that dreadful text to your friend you haven’t seen for four months telling them how stupid you are for forgetting. Trust me, it happens to the best of us.

          3. REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY; The Food Rules:

know you agree with me on this, but not getting to eat popcorn, chewy candy, tortilla chips, whole apples, and all that good stuff STINKS! I have realized from my months of experience in this topic, you can turn the tables (literally:)) I took my favorite food, apples, and created the ultimate snack. I can’t honestly say that I always abide by the rules of orthodontics, but, hey, I’m a growing girl! You can still have apples, but with a twist. I took a whole apple and sliced into bite sized chunks. The only thing I regret was not peeling the apples. You can decide to leave them on or not, but I  like the spices to cover all of the apple. I followed a recipe to make this treat from Southern Living, (click on the link to get the recipe) but I don’t think you need a recipe to make this delicious! Eyeballing things is not just warmly welcomed in The Legally Brunette’s world, but is a way of life! I used 1 apple, nutmeg, light-brown sugar, cinnamon, butter, and water in this. I think you all are sensible enough to know around how much to put in! I stirred the ingredients around over the stove on medium to high heat until for about 8 minutes, or until you feel they are softened and browned enough to your satisfaction! Then, enjoy the small rebellion you’re taking against your orthodontist without messing up hundreds of dollars of metal in your mouth!

All right everyone, that is it for my tips and tricks of braces! I had a lot of fun creating this post, because I know a LOT of people struggle with their braces, especially when you have school, and activities, and family, and most importantly, FOOD! I hope you learned something from this, I know I certainly did, but let me know in the comments section what you thought of this post, future posts you would like to see, or if you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them! Make sure to share some of your tips in the comments section below, and have a very happy rest of your week! I will be writing very soon, and hope to hear from you!

Remember, this is a community of friendship and trust. If you decide to be a part of this journey on The Legally Brunette Blog, you have to be willing to trust, listen, care, grow, and not be afraid to show your silly side!! 

Au Revoir!

-The Legally Brunette

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