Hairstyle No. 2: “An Abundance of Curls”

Hey everyone,

I have a brand new hairstyle for you this week, which I think looks absolutely STUNNING! Again for this hairstyle, my friend was the model. Make sure to check out her blog as well, and I will put a link to it below at the end of the post. This highlights beautiful spring curls, with a touch of sophistication, and brings out the natural colors and volume your hair has to offer! This hairstyle isn’t as simple as the previous hairstyle tutorial I showed, but it is really worth the effort when you see how gorgeous it turns out at the end! I am starting to run out of words… so let’s get started!

017d605ab8f1292e5a8006d19a7326b01d851a3ac0To start off this hairstyle, you will need to make sure you have the following tools:

  • Curling iron (I use the Hot Tools 1″ curling iron)
  • Smoothing brush
  • Regular hairbrush
  • 6-8 bobby-pins
  • One (1) elastic
  • Heat protectant spray
  • Hairspray

Approximate Time: 30-35 mins (depending on length of hair) 



Steps To Achieve This Hairstyle:

  1. To start off this hairstyle, brush out your hair thoroughly with your regular hair brush, until all the knots and tangles are out of your hair. (You know you’re done brushing when you can run your finger through every part of your hair with little to no tangles)
  2. Next, section off a good chunk of hair on the crown of your head, and tie it or clip it back. This will be for the bun in the center of your head. 
  3. Brush through the rest of your hair, and spray it with your heat protectant spray.
  4. Curl your hair. Once finished curling, let cool for 5 minutes and then pull back into a loose ponytail at the base of your head. (I’d suggest that you spray your curled hair with hairspray before you put it into a loose ponytail to have your curls hold a little better.)
  5. Unclip the section of hair you tied up on the crown of your head in Step 2. Take a smaller section from that hair and tie it or clip it back on in your head (it should be large enough to create a bun.)
  6. Divide the small section of hair you don’t have tied back in four pieces on each side of your head. Braid those pieces into four small braids on each side of your head. Once finished braiding, tuck them in front of your ear or anywhere to temporarily keep them out of the way. 
  7. Take the remaining section of hair you have tied on the crown of your head and create a loose ballerina bun and secure with an elastic.
  8. Pin the braids around the bun, and any loose pieces. 
  9. Release the curled hair you have tied back. Spray hairspray throughout all of your hair to finish the look. 
  10. Voila! Enjoy your beautiful new hairstyle!

All right everyone, that concludes this week’s post, but I will certainly be blogging soon! I hope you enjoy this new hairstyle, and if you did, comment down below telling me what you thought of it! Also, if you have any requests for future hairstyle tutorials, that would be very helpful! Enjoy the last few weeks of spring and our journey into summer! See y’all real soon…

Remember, this is a community of friendship and trust. If you decide to be a part of this journey on The Legally Brunette Blog, you have to be willing to trust, listen, care, grow, and not be afraid to show your silly side!! 

Au Revoir!

-The Legally Brunette

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