Dear Diary: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Dear Diary,                                                                                                           Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

        Today was-well, for a serious lack of better words: a haze of, “Are you kidding me?” Everything

that happened today seemed like I was just watching yet another classic tale of how stereotypically

we can all act when in an environment where we are seemingly given a free pass to act

stereotypical. Let me rephrase that into the format of literally, today. I woke up, the day starting

out nothing more than your average Wednesday. How is it that I know every parental-

manipulation tactic in the book for staying up late, but when the morning comes, I want nothing

more to dramatically flop on my bed and stare at me eyelids? The weather certainly was having

one of those mornings too: Bone-chilling rain with a side of mushy, slip-prone sleet. As I

reluctantly trudged out the door, my wet, archless feet stomping down on the backs of my shoes,

and all the way to my neighbor’s house. My eyes slowly tilted downwards, and locked with the

menacing smirk of my phone’s time display. After a short cursing-fest, I quickened my pace and

nearly sprained my thumb while pounding my neighbor’s doorbell. Oh- and, Diary? If you were

wondering, yes, my shoes did indeed get tied once and for all. Finally, bulked-up binders in hand

and temperamental attitude at the ready, I went about my morning doing the thing I do best:

pretending as if nothing ever happened. That is, until 2nd period. Think: Science classroom. Test.

Me. Back corner. Any old Wednesday. I was busy devouring the test at hand, and occasionally

following an odd train of thought-when out of no where, the living daylights were scared out of

me. I wasn’t sure if my science class, or my nostrils would ever be the same again. Out of thin air

roared a beast so loud, so vast, so- smelly,  it enveloped the entire classroom into one heaping fit

of giggles. Yes, you thought right. Someone farted. But it wasn’t just any other fart, no Silent But

Deadly crazy-talk. This was one loud and stinky fart. Now, don’t go all “Whoever smelt it dealt it”

on me! This certainly wasn’t me. I won’t name any names, but you’ve gotta trust me on this one! I

swear! And to think- I could have sworn that this would be the cherry on top of a whirlwind of a

morning, but boy was I wrong. Oh! I think I forgot to mention- my head,or should I say mental

state, took a turn for the worse, when as I was packing up my books to get out of the fart-fume-

filled room as fast as I could , my head smacked right under the lab sink. Anyway, the rest of the

afternoon whizzed by surprisingly quickly. Little drama other than the occasional odd snippets of

conversation I caught on to including- “Dude, no, like dude. The jump shot was LE. GIT. Like, bro,

you don’t even knooooow!!” or, “I could literally eat this school. Like, literally.” and even, “You’re so

cute. No you’re so cute. Okay, I love you. I love you. No, I love you!!”. I trudged back home, slipping

and sliding through a mix of dog pee, sleet, and watery mud. After settling down from a long (very

long- no, EXTREMELY long) day of hard work and all the crazy of my life coming together right

before my eyes, I decided to do something extra special for a friend I had lost touch with. I had had

a sudden flashback to a study period way back when, where she promptly scribbled down her

birthday in my agenda book. I had stored in my junk drawer of mental filing cabinets, but it still

floated around. So, to try and end my day on a note of normalcy, I sent her a text out of the blue,

wishing her a happy birthday! Minutes later I heard a faint, but recognizable -ding!- the one of

my ever so mischievous phone, the same one that bored its thick black lines resembling the time I

had been dreading that very morning. I jumped out of my seat and ran over to the little devil-and

that was when I had made it official: this day will go down in history as none other than a perfect

blog post moment. On that screen, that no good, very bad  screen was a text. A text from the out-

of-touch friend who by writing just a simple, ‘Thank you!’ could have rescued my disaster of a day.

Unfortunately it read: ‘Thanks! But it was on Monday.’ instead. So that, ladies and gentlemen, was

just a little insight to The Legally Brunette: Behind the Scenes Look! You’re welcome, by the way, if

your region of the country (weather-wise) seems suddenly much more tolerable thanks to this:) I

ended my night with a few hearty laughs and viewing session of Hairspray: Live! I hope you

enjoyed this post, and let me know in the comments below whether you’ve ever had, ‘one of those

days’, and how you’ve stuck it out. Sometimes it feels like I’m just trapped inside my own head as I

make my through the halls, no one really understanding what goes inside my head. Often, no one

bothers to ask. Well, I still live to tell the tales here on my blog. I’m onto a new day, full of new

adventures- just, me and my thoughts trapped inside my head. The next time you walk down a

hallway, ask what someone’s thinking about, or haw they’re feeling. People might not expect it at

first, but whether they’ve come to terms with it or not, simply asking how someone is doing or

feeling is all they need to put a smile on their faces for the rest of the day. Make sure to like,

comment, and subscribe! See you next time on The Legally Brunette Blog!

~The Legally Brunette

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