It’s De-Lovely.

Hey everyone!

After a brief blogging hiatus, I am officially back. After making so many plans for my blog, I guess I kind of forgot to actually post on my blog. Over the weekend, I took a much- needed detox. From plans, homework, and responsibility, so I went to Maine.                  Yup. That’s the whole story. If you feel overwhelmed, I will always vouch for a warm bath and rummaging through Pinterest for inspirational quotes and whatnot, but in my family, our most commonly used “inspirational quote” goes along the lines of “Give up and just go to Maine already.” 

So yeah. Official Weekend Status Report: Check! A few members of my family -myself included- have also made it a tradition to embark on an annual trek to the ole Vacation Land right around Valentines Day. Well, I don’t know if it is coincidence or not, but very recently, Beyonce announced that she was having twins!! The initial reaction my cousin (the same one who relentlessly pressed me for the status of my purchase of her most recent album, Lemonade, until I finally bought it) and I went through was pure giddiness. Any time Beyonce posts a picture with caption, it’s declared an official holiday. But let’s be real here- any time Beyonce posts a picture, it’s always declared a holiday in our minds!

To commemorate the joyous occasion, we decided to combine our annual Single-Pringle Valentine’s Day dinner with a not your average Beyonce baby shower. We crafted (Including making a string of cut-out bees saying cute Valentine’s/bee puns. Our cheesiness ranged from “I think I’m POLLEN for ya!” all the way to “You make me feel aHIVE.”), binged (I had to be there with my cousin as his experience with The Office came to a close. Speaking as someone who has watched the series roughly four times in a row     -36 seasons in total- I am well aware of the challenge in itself to cope with the mere thought of life after The Office. But luckily I did encourage him to pick Parks and Recreation, so all was well.), snacked (A few months ago, as I was waiting in line at a local T.J. Maxx, I discovered  possibly the best impulse buy I would ever make: heart shaped pasta. I know, I know, but I just had one of those moments! A Pinterest epiphany, some might call it.) played (There was snow. There was sledding. There was snow-mobiling. There was hot-tubbing. There was “Holy schnitzel it’s wicked ch-ch-ch-chilly out here”-ing. Oh yes, and there was ski-biking.), and sang (Hamilyonce: the two best things to have possibly graced the earth. This really needs to become a power couple name or something…). So yeah, it was a pretty awesome weekend, and a good gettaway from all of the hub bub life throws at you. To  read more opinion on travel, check out this blog post!

Well, when all is said and when all is done, I do believe Beyonce said it best: “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” Am I right, single ladies? Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without us. 

Now, about Valentine’s Day itself. I’ve always been considered a romantic. I can’t help it, I love love! Welcome to my dork side, but it’s true. From Gabriella and Troy, to Hazel Grace and Augustus, I live, breathe, and mostly cry rom-coms. 

But I can’t help but notice, the idea of feeling “loved” has changed dramatically. As a full-fledged member of the digital age since birth, I have witnessed two conflicting ideas of what love is. Through social media, you receive instant “love.” But does have a picture liked, or being re-Tweeted, having some add you on Snapchat necessarily mean that they “love” you? People who become so wholly engrossed in receiving that momentary high of emotion are on a fast track to losing sight of their personal values, and what they define as love.

I’ve witnessed this happen to countless numbers of people, especially teenage girls. Their education suddenly stops mattering. Family stops mattering. “Friends” stop mattering. The only thing that matters to them is their relationship with their screens. I hate to break  it to you, but screens cannot love. When the next Albert Einstein comes up with a computer program enabling electronics to feel, let me know, but until then, people seem increasingly unaware of that inability. Satisfaction is addictive. Trust me, I know. But if you find that the only satisfaction you feel rides on the number of followers you have, or how many likes your photo racks up, true love will hand you a dish of isolation with a side of rude-awakening sooner than you’d expect.

This surge of craving instantaneous connection via social media has changed the way people think about what love is. A solid relationship, in my opinion, revolves around 1) a mutual connection, and most importantly, 2) a mutual respect. Respect! What a novel idea. In fact, the word respect is riding at a near all time low for usage in modern-day English. Hiding behind a screen will get you no closer to gaining respect, much less gaining the notion of what true love is. A person who respects you will respect you enough to deliver you honesty, and nothing less. No love will ever be perfect, and that, I believe, is what is so hard to understand. Like you, love’s imperfections cannot be filtered through a screen. It will always endure if it is true.

And just to point out, many people who have social media accounts use it for the better! I really do believe that social media has the possibility of embarking on a revolution, to encourage safe and respectful use. Social media is such a powerful tool in our society, so instead of erasing it all together because of the risks it comes with, why not change something we already have so we can use it to our advantage as an increasingly digital society, collectively. Change is possible, it’s just a matter of how we go about it. 

And then there is self-love. It is as simple as the lines in the chorus of Justin Bieber’s song, Love Yourself: Love yourself! Before you can  unconditionally love someone else, you must find a place in your heart to love yourself. If you don’t like something, no one is standing in your way of changing it. Only you can control your actions and words, despite influences or background, the ability of change that people posses is incredibly powerful, a power in which many people neglect. 

I think that being truly in love does not always mean living in a fairytale. True love endures all; the good and the bad. My ideal relationship is not one that is unequal, or unsatisfactory. One that is true, and deep. One where my partner is not telling me just what I want to hear, but also what I need to hear in order to better myself as a person. 

The world is changing rapidly before our eyes. Science is developing, technology is updating, and more explanations are revealing themselves. I am certain that love will always remain a mystery, despite our developing world. There is no explanation for why we love who we do, or why we were given the life that we have been given. Love is love is love is love is love. It is what is. And I don’t know, but I kind of like that it is constant, no matter how far we go, love will always be the one force more powerful than any one of us. It will always bring us back down to Earth, and remind us of who we are. And that is a beautiful thing. Love, is, quite frankly, a silly, stupid, beautiful thing. 

Well everyone please raise your cursors, because I am about to propose an online toast. First of all, may you find it within yourself to love. No matter who you love, or when you love, may you love. And second, may you realize how wonderful you are just being you! When you are you, and no one else, you will always be loved. I dare you to fall silly stupid beautiful in love with yourself. Yeah, you! Shed your mask, and your tears, for you are loved. No explanation is necessary. No scientific analysis should be done. Just acceptance. The more we love, and the more we accept, the happier our world will be. So, in a way, aren’t we all romantics- because who doesn’t want that? 

~The Legally Brunette



    1. thelegallybrunetteblog

      Haha-exactly what I was thinking! You were with us in spirit. Our family even created an official hashtag: #lifeisbetterinmaine:) Glad you liked the post!
      ~The Legally Brunette


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