Reader of the Month: “I am I and You are You”

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I am well aware that my blogging game has not been on point recently, as I haven’t posted in forever! But I am back with March’s Reader of the Month, E.G., the author of this thought-provoking article on the variety of feelings human beings experience, and how they differ from person to person. A friend of mine, as well as a fellow hopeless romantic, she will give you a glimpse of one of her favorite feelings, that of getting ready for something, and provide critical after thought on how somebody else could react to that feeling differently than she would. I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do, and don’t forget to leave a comment below in response to this article!

~The Legally Brunette

“I am I and You are You”

By E.G.

What are feelings? Why do we experience these emotions that control us and how we act and think? Why do some feelings make us believe that we could just leap and fly or believe that nothing will ever be okay? One feeling in particular is the feeling of getting ready for an event. This feeling brings excitement, suspense for what will happen next, and the idea that other people are feeling the same way for this event.

In saying that, this is one feeling I get a lot, and to me this feeling is a pleasant one. This is one of my favorite feelings. This is a school dance, a fancy dinner, a birthday party, etc. You’ve just taken a shower, your hair is still damp and you feel as clean and fresh as you can as you dress for the occasion, whatever outfit you’re putting on being so suited for that event. As I tend to wear jewelry for fancier dinners and such, I love getting that feeling of the heaviness of that pearl necklace around my throat, reminding me of its purpose. Or the jangle of the delicate bracelet I’m borrowing because it matches the earrings that I feel brushing against my neck when I turn my head. I remember this one night, when my entire family was attending this very fancy dinner, so the build-up to this event was quite stressful/fun. I tried on so many pairs of high heels until I found the perfect pair. Too shiny, too velvety, too small, too large, too pointy, not wide enough, not high enough, not short enough, the list went on and on. Since this was my first really nice event, I was determined to find the right shoes. I finally found the perfect shoes, high heels with not too much heel, just enough so that it was only slightly uncomfortable walking in them, with black velvet and a rounded point. The ultimate pair.

Then it was the matter of dresses. Apparently a nice shirt and pants were out of the question, so it was my mother’s old black bridesmaid dress it was. A bit of a squeeze, I could properly bend down or breath, but it was only for a night (which was just what I kept telling myself). Anyway, the night comes, and 30 minutes before, I’m walking around in my heels, in and out of my grandmother’s room at the hotel. Of course it was only an excuse to walk around all dressed up. But I have to say, it was such an amazing feeling walking around with a sense of purpose and dignity to have people actually notice what I’m wearing. (no one needs to know that during the dinner, I secretly took the heels off to give my exhausted feet a break). I’m getting off topic. I could go off and talk about that evening for hours. This also applies to looking out the window three minutes before guests are supposed to arrive for Passover or a birthday, just waiting for anyone to show up (maybe waiting for people to arrive so we can dig into Matzo Ball Soup ASAP). It’s a very special feeling for me.
To me, the feeling I just described is a good one. To others, maybe not as much. There might be the dread of parties or the hatred of getting dressed up that drive people to avoid feelings like this. This can also be said for other feelings too. An emotion can feel horrible to me but amazing to you. It really depends on the fact that I am I and you are you, and we are all different humans with different thoughts.


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  1. thelegallybrunetteblog

    Congrats, Elizabeth! Interesting article. Yes, I too feel jittery before big events. But, I kind of think that that’s the best part! Great job!
    ~The Legally Brunette


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