Reader of the Month: “Poetry for Humanity”

“Redemption” is my word of the day, in case you were wondering. After July’s Reader of the Month fiasco was just avoided in the nick of time, I am feeling ultra-determined to do it on time this month. So! Let me introduce the Poet for Humanity, who, through her poetry, shines a light on sociopolitical issues that plague present-day society. Follow her on Instagram at @poetry.for.humanity if you want to catch more of the Poet in action! Also, the Reader of the Month program will sadly be wrapping up its 12 month lifespan soon, November being the last month a Reader of the Month article is featured on my blog. If you’d like to submit any piece of writing and/or artwork please DM me or leave your email address in the comments section of my blog! It’s a great way to gain exposure, practice working in a deadline oriented field, get your creative juices flowing, or simply kill some free time. All of the remaining three slots are available, so claim them now! Enjoy.

Poetry for Humanity

By Poet for Humanity

“Imagine if you could stop the 

World for a second. 

Stop the conflict. 

Stop the pain. 

Stop the bloodshed. 

Stop the hate.”


“Why do we teach our children to love

If society will tell them what kind of love 

they accept? 

Why do we teach our children to help 

Others if society will tell them to 

Help themselves first? 

Why do we tell our children they can 

Do anything when society will teach 

Them to live without hope?”


“Before you call someone 

‘Gay’ as an insult, you 

Should know the the word

Means happy. 

Maybe we should all be a 

Little more gay.”


“We need to be building 

Bridges, not walls. 

We need to make people 

Know that they belong. 

We need to unify our nations

And restore peace with our creations.”


“Why do we tease men for being emotional

When we all have emotions?

Why do we tell them to ‘man up’ 

When they show how they feel?

What does it mean to ‘be a man’?

To have big muscles?

To watch every sports game?

To never shed a tear?

Why is it socially unacceptable for men to be emotional?”


“Why do we have to create a

War out of everything?

Why do we have to kill so

Many innocent people?

Why do we solve everything 

With violence?

Why do people have no love 

Left in their hearts?”


“You love a person because they 

Make you feel complete. 

You love somebody because 

They will love you 


It shouldn’t mattere if it’s a boy 

or a girl, black or white. 

You love somebody aside from 

What other people think. 

Love is love, don’t ever let 

Somebody tell you any different.”

~The Legally Brunette


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